Colombia Casanova is the premier source of information about dating stunning Colombianas. If you’re interested in dating, mating, and seducing girls in Colombia – you’re in the right spot, mate.

I created this website for men looking for more than just your typical travel adventure. This is the place to combine adventure and amor – while in the magical country known as Colombia.

The stunning nature, from beaches to mountainous landscape, can easily be combined with unique Colombian culture and amazing women. I’ve done just that, and so have many of my close friends.

See, I was once in your place. I was sick of dating girls back home. They showed up to our date looking sloppy. They lacked charm and feminity. Cute girls, but the vibe just wasn’t right from a personality perspective.

Then I took my first trip to Colombia. Immediately, I was hooked. The tanned skin, sultry curves, and exotic nature of these women left me wanting more and more. And the femininity. Sure, they might not be the most loyal of girls, but Colombianas certainly understand how to make you feel like a man.

I wanted to know what Colombia women were attracted to, how to meet more of them, and how to make sweet love with them – quickly.

I wanted it all. So, I extended my trip to Colombia. I went from visitor to resident. My goal was to understand these stunning creatures and date Colombian girls while living the good life. Suffice to say, I accomplished that and then some.

If you know what I mean 😉

Colombia is a player’s paradise. You just have to know where to look. Luckily, that’s where I come in. Here at Colombia Casanova, we discuss dating tips from all over the country and show you how to meet as many Colombianas as your heart desires.

From una to dozens! It’s up to you. Colombia Casanova is here to be your guide.

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