This might be the most important thing you see before your trip to Colombia. Seriously. If you properly use the resources found below, I’m positive you’ll have an amazing time traveling and living in this amazing South American country.

Just trust me on this one. Before you head down to wonderful Colombia make sure you check out the resources below. They will make your trip better.

Online Dating Resources

Colombian Cupid: This is the absolute best online dating site in Colombia, especially in the smaller cities. There are thousands of Colombian girls that use this site each and every single day. If you want to meet more women in while in Colombia, just click that big red button below.

Latin American Cupid: This is an alternative to Colombian Cupid. It works, but there are a few things to know. There usually aren’t as many hot girls on Latin American Cupid, but there definitely are some. Plus, this site sees fewer foreigners, too. Overall, I recommend using Latin American Cupid if you’re living in Colombia and need a change of pace – aka a new set of girls to message.

Spanish Learning Resources

Language Blend: Language Blend takes you from a beginner Spanish level to being a smooth talker in the love language. You’ll be able to flirt within a month or two. You’ll be speaking some smooth Spanish before you know it. Unlimited one on one classes via zoom for a low cost.


Other Resources

Best Online Dating Guide: This is a book about how to get laid on dating apps like Tinder, but the advice here will show you how to get the most out of your online dating efforts. It’s easy to spend too much time writing girls on Tinder, especially while living in Colombia. This book will show you how to get more women using online dating – without spending too much time on it.

How to Fuck Better: If you’re a foreigner and can fuck well, Colombian girls will fall in love. They see travelers every month and many of them are horrible in bed. If you’re good in bed, you’ll be a god to them. This book shows you how to get better in bed.

Buy the Best Condoms from Amazon: Do not go raw in Colombian girls, gents! You need to use protection down here. These girls are smart and would like nothing more than to have your baby. Use these amazing condoms and avoid worrying about all that.