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Welcome to Colombia Casanova, the premier resource on the web for foreign dudes looking to date women in the wonderful country known as Colombia.

If you’re about to embark on an adventure to Colombia, then you’ve come to the perfect spot. At Colombia Casanova, we discuss the absolute best ways to enjoy this magical place and meet some of the sexiest girls you’ve ever seen – Colombianas.

To get started, you probably want to know how to meet a few cute Colombian women right when you step off the plane. Maybe you want to have girls aching for you to arrive before you even step foot into Colombia…

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Luckily, that’s damn simple nowadays. You can meet dozens of girls every single month you’re living in Colombia. You just have to know how to do it. It’s easy if you can do a few things.

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Now, you might be thinking I’m just selling you something here. Well, that’s somewhat true.

But Colombia Casanova is a resource.

My goal is to have you coming back month after month as you get to know Colombia and the cute women throughout the country. My goal is to create the premier resource for men dating in Colombia.

I don’t want you here just once. I hope you’ll continually come back for more and more information regarding meeting women and living in Colombia. As such, my goal is to build your trust.

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So, here’s the deal:

  • Colombian Cupid is the best way to meet Colombian girls when you’re new to the country. Point. Blank. Period.
  • It’s also the best way to start meeting new girls when you head to a different city in Colombia.


  • Once you’ve been living in a city for a few weeks or months, you might not need it. You might have met girls while enjoying a little nightlife or maybe you met a cutie at the gym, which isn’t unheard of in Colombia.

Then you’d have no need for the site. But to start. Your first few weeks or months in Colombia. Yeah, Colombia Cupid is going to be one of the best ways to ensure you get more dates in Colombia than anywhere else in the world.

You’ll find the girls are not only real and looking to meet a foreigner just like you, but they’re pretty damn sexy, too. Sure, there’s some riff-raff on Colombian Cupid, but that’s pretty easy to sort through once you know what to look for. After that first prepago fools you, you’ll never fall for that, again. Trust me.

For the homies.

More About Colombia

Since we’re talking dating in Colombia, I figured I’d dish the dirt first. Give you the absolute easiest way to get laid in Colombia.

But Colombia certainly has a lot more to offer than sexy girls using online dating sites. In fact, if you like sexy women, unique Latin culture, mountainous terrain, pristine beaches, and so much more – then you’ve come to the right place. Colombia is what you want and need.

There’s seriously nowhere better to live a great life with a stunning woman or two by your side. Colombia is hard to beat in more ways than one, fellas.

There’s a damned good reason why many a foreigner never leaves this place. It’s paradise – if you can speak a little Spanish and understand a little about how Colombian culture operates.

But enough with my fluff, you’ll find everything you need to know about meeting women throughout Colombia on this website.

Seriously, I’ve covered almost every facet of the Colombian dating game and culture in and out. How? Because I’ve been bumping uglies all around this South American country for years now.

I’m addicted to the Colombiana dating game. Which is why I’ll put you on the game here.