Hot Colombianas: I’ll Never Forget My First Time

Hot Colombianas can be found around every corner in this amazing South American country, but I’ll never forget my first one…

Quieres ir a tomar vino en mi apartamento? / Want to go drink wine at my place?

It was a shit proposal. We were already in a bar, drinking. Why would we go back to my place to drink more alcohol?

And yet she agreed. She agreed with everything I suggested. I loved that Colombian girls were so agreeable.

Vamos! / Let’s go!

We downed the last of our craft beers and started the three-minute walk to my apartment – I picked the date spot well.

On the way, we saw my roommate sitting on the wall outside the building. He was waiting for his date to arrive. I introduced him to my girl, joked around a little, and made everyone feel good. It wasn’t planned, but now she thought I was a sociable guy with good friends.

Then we headed up to my apartment. I gave her a quick tour. I grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses from the mini bar. Then I told her to follow me as I climbed the spiral staircase up to the master bedroom.

In the room, I asked her to open the wine and pour us a few glasses. I switched on my laptop:

Quieres ver una pelicula? / Want to watch a movie?

Lame again. I didn’t want to drink wine or watch a movie. She probably didn’t want to either. But she kept smiling and following my lead.

I only saw five minutes of the film. I didn’t touch my wine. She might have drunk a quarter of a glass before we started undressing…

My First Time In Colombia

Three days earlier, I landed in Colombia for the first time.

It was a Sunday night. I landed at the airport with 2 roommates. It was past midnight and we had heard that Bogota was dangerous. So we asked a taxi to take us straight to our rental apartment.

After a little trouble getting the key in the front door, we got in. We checked out the place, argued over rooms, then crashed and slept until 9 am the next morning.

After a day of walking around and getting to know the neighborhood, we headed out that night. Our first night of hunting in Colombia.

Hot Colombianas At the Club

I was waiting in line at the club with my two roommates. We were super psyched to pick up some hot Colombianas.

That’s when I saw her. She was behind us in the line. She was with a girl who looked like her- it could have been her sister. But then again, most attractive Colombian girls look the same – makeup done, long hair, tight jeans, midriff showing.

I waited until we got inside, so I could isolate her.

Ten minutes later I saw her again on the dance floor. She gave me a couple of glances but I didn’t notice.

My friend, who was much more experienced with women, pushed me towards her:”She likes you!”

I made my move. I approached the lookalike first:

“Me permite hablar to con tu amiga?” / Could I chat to your friend?

“Por supuesto” / Of course!

I led the sexy Colombiana by the arm towards the DJ booth. I asked for her number – no problem. It was crazy how simple it was. I remember thinking: “Wow, this Colombian girl thing is easy!”

I messaged her the next day. She agreed to the date idea, the time, and the place.

From there it was smooth sailing to get her up to my room…

Not this hot, but not too far off.

Back in the Building

She took off her Ramones shirt, her jeans, her bra, and finally panties. My jeans were off and the condom on before the end of the opening credits.

I got on my back and rolled her on top. She wriggled about for what felt like 10 minutes until I grabbed her hips and lifted her off me. When my shaft stood up, she impaled herself on it and moaned:

“Oh, Papi!”

I dropped my head back onto the pillow, looked at the ceiling and thought: “This must be what heaven feels like: A young, sexy Colombiana on top of me.”

I was hooked. And I’ve been a fan ever since.

Well, more like a junkie, mate. I can’t get enough of these hot Colombianas. The feminine energy, the tight bodies, and the way they move en la cama.

It’s a straight addiction and I’m never going to rehab. Colombia is my home and hot Colombianas are my vice. It’s nice. Well, more than nice.

Papi Chulo

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