How to Get Laid in Barranquilla, Colombia – City Guide

December 28, 2022

Maybe you heard good things about Barranquilla girls.
Maybe you heard about the famous carnival in Barranquilla. Maybe you’re bored of Bogota and Medellin.

Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place if you want to the lowdown on Barranquilla and the local women. Before I get into the best areas to stay in if you don’t want to get knifed, and the secret spots to meet Barranquilla girls during the day, let’s grade the city as a hunting ground for budding lotharios.

Colombia Casanova Ratings:
Looks of Barranquilla girls: 3/5
How easy are Barranquilla girls: 4/5
Barranquilla overall: 3.5/5

Breaking down Barranquilla

Barranquilla is the largest city on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. With a population of one point two million it ranks as the fourth largest city in Colombia, behind Bogota, Medellin, and Cali.

My general rule for dating is that any city with over five hundred thousand inhabitants is going to have enough single women, both online and in the clubs, for you to enjoy a varied dating life. There are enough girls in Barranquilla for you date multiple chicks at the same time without any danger of getting caught.


Cost of living
Barranquilla is Colombia’s fourth largest city and in my experience its second most expensive. While you can live cheap in both Cali and the Coffee Region, Barranquilla requires a bigger bankroll to live comfortably.

To rent a one bedroom, nine hundred square foot apartment in a nice area of the city, expect to pay around $560 monthly. Bump that up to $700 to include utility bills, internet and cleaning services. And aircon – it’s a must in this hot-ass city.

Dinner for two at a nice restaurant in Barranquilla will cost you around $30, including appetizers and wine.

As you can see from the numbers, Barra (the city’s nickname) is no Latin American backwater where you can live like a king on dollars a day.

Criminal activity in Barranquilla is area-dependent. Once you know the layout of the city, it’s easy to avoid the undesirables. While Bogota and Medellin have pockets of dangerous neighborhoods right next to nice areas, Barranquilla is divided clearly by north and south. The North of the city is safe and well developed while the South is ghetto.

In a 2013 article on the “The 50 Most Violent Cities In The World“ (calculated by the number of homicides per 100,000 residents) Barranquilla scraped into the list at number 50.

Six Colombian cities made the list, with Pereira, Santa Marta, Medellin, Cucuta, and Cali (in that order) all ranked as more dangerous than Barranquilla.

Detroit ranked number 20 and New Orleans came in at 17 to give you some perspective.

If you know how to keep your wits about you in cities like St. Louis or Oakland, you’re smart enough to not get killed in Barranquilla.

Here are my top tips to keep you safe in Barranquilla:

1. Stay in the North of the city
2. Don’t visit the South of Barranquilla, unless accompanied by a local
3. Only use ATMs during daylight hours – preferably during daylight hours.

I learned the last tip from the security guard at my apartment building in Barra. One night, as he was opening the main door to let me out, he asked me where I was going. When I told him I was going to take cash out, he wouldn’t let me go alone. He called a police officer friend, who came to protect me. The cop drove me to the bank then stood with his back to me holding a pump-action shotgun while I used the cashpoint.

I felt like a high-ranking Latino politician.

He drove me back to my apartment and I gave him a generous tip for his services.

Cash is king in Colombia.

Most days in Barranquilla are dog-day hot. The temperature rarely dips below thirty-five celsius. Even though it’s a coastal city, Barranquilla sits on a river rather not the ocean so there’s no beach or sea breeze to cool you down.

If you’re not a sun seeker and don’t like the feeling of sweat running down your ass crack every time you walk outside, avoid the Caribbean Coast of Colombia and visit Coffee Region instead.

Day-to-day living in Barranquilla means switching between being in a sauna or an ice chest – every nice building in the North of the blasts the aircon all day.

The best time of year to visit if you want cooler weather is between December and March.

Take a look out of the window on your way from Barranquilla airport and you’ll realize it’s an industrial city, not a touristy one.

Most of the best tourist spots are nearby on the coast: Cartagena, Santa Marta, Ciénaga, and Parque Tayrona. Local tourist companies offer cheap transport to these places via a shared minibus.

If you don’t want to leave the city and you’re a soccer fan, the Colombian national football team plays its home matches at the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium.

The stadium is in the South of the city so don’t hang around the area for long after the final whistle has blown.

Besides watching soccer games sitting next to sexy Barranquilla women wearing the national team’s yellow jersey, here are a few more things to do in Barranquilla:

Zoologico de Barranquilla – Small and reasonably-well priced zoo. Maybe your local date will be in the mood for some Barranquilla sex after seeing the pink flamingos
Museo Romántico – Not much romantic about this museum. It showcases the history of the city and its famous people. Take a local girl here and she’ll give you A+ for effort.

And of course…

Carnaval de Barranquilla – The second biggest carnival in Latin America after Rio de Janeiro. The two-week street party usually falls between mid-to-late February.

What do Barranquilla girls look like?
Cartagena was a slave port and you’ll see lots of gorgeous black women in that town.

But you won’t find many black girls in Barranquilla. Local girls range between mestiza (light brown) to white – think Sofia Vergara and Shakira, who are both from Barranquilla. The city is divided across economic and racial lines – darker-skinned people live in the South and rich, white people in the North.

Where to stay in Barranquilla?
The city is divided by Carreras (avenues) running east to west, and by calles (streets) running north to south. The golden rule for finding good areas in Barranquilla: the higher the number of the Carrera, the better. Stay north of Carrera 50 and you’re good to go – zero safety issues.

I recommend the area around Villa Country Mall. It’s close to most of the malls and bars I recommend for gaming in Barranquilla.

Online Dating in Barranquilla
Barranquilla is a much better city to run online game in than Medellin, where Tinder is overrun by prostitutes, transvestites, and sex-starved gringos.

In contrast, Barranquilla girls are plentiful on sites such as Colombian Cupid and Latin American Cupid. The girls are friendly and easy going enough to come over to your place on the first date. There’s also less flaking and gringo competition in Barranquilla. Think about it, why would any tourist come to a baking-hot, industrial eyesore?

Unless… he’s looking for sex in Barranquilla.


Day game in Barranquilla
Barranquilla is not a walking city. The streets are wide, the city is spread out, and it’s hotter than the Arizona deserts. Locals barely walk. This makes day game a chore unless you dip into one of the city’s many malls to do some approaches.

Villa Country & Buena Vista – Two upscale malls in the commercial district. Best times to go are weekday lunchtime and Saturday afternoons.

Portal del Prado – This mall is in the poorer area and close to three universities.

Night Game in Barranquilla

Girls from the Colombian coast love to drink and party. Even girls out in mixed groups will talk to you if you’re bringing a good vibe and are willing to dance. Here are three clubs I recommend in Barranquilla, in order of the most expensive to the least:

Frogg Club – Typical Latin American club till early in the night – everyone standing around tables drinking from their bottle and mixers. At midnight, the tables clear and the party starts.
Lives Megaclub – One room plays Latin music, the other electronic and the third is a chillout area. Get your wristband at the door and enjoy an open bar all night.
Trucupey – Large club inside Portal del Prado mall. Large open dancefloor more conducive to mixing and mingling.

Sex in Barranquilla. Is it difficult?
There’s something about Barranquilla that makes people want to get it on. Maybe it’s the heat, the amount of skin on display, or just the relaxed Caribbean attitude to sex.

Whatever is in the air, you’ll struggle to find a more sexual city in Latin American than Barranquilla.

But if you really want to know how to get laid in Barranquilla, Colombia, you need to know the local lingo…

Speaking Spanish in Barranquilla
Being able to speak Spanish in Barranquilla is one thing, understanding the locals when they speak it is another.

Caribbean Spanish is fast, uses lots of slang and drops many sounds. So if you don’t have much experience of listening to Cuban or Puerto Rican Spanish, you’ll struggle to catch what people are saying in Barra.

To get your ear tuned in as quickly as possible, I recommend signing up for the Pickup Spanish course. Once you’ve studied the online dating module in Pickup Spanish, meet a few Barranquilla women online and start chatting to them via Whatsapp voice notes. You’ll soon get used to their accent.

How to Get Laid in Barranquilla, Colombia – City Guide
Barranquilla is ugly, hot as hell, and there isn’t much to do. But the local women make up for it. They’re open, friendly, down-to-earth and sexual.

Que se la pase bien! (Have a great time)

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