How to Get Laid in Manizales, Colombia – City Guide

December 13, 2018

Want to visit the coffee region of Colombia and meet some Manizales girls?

I don’t blame you.

“La zona cafetera” is home to a triumvirate of cities: Pereira, Manizales, and Armenia.

These three cities are a must for any man visiting Colombia who wants to get off the beaten path and meet some untouched beauties.


Because they feature some of the prettiest girls in Colombia.

So I’ll cover the other two in different articles, but today I’ll focus on Manizales.

Specifically, how to get laid in Manizales.

The game needed here is similar to all other Colombian cities, but there’s a few things you need to be aware of.

Colombia Casanova Ratings

  • Looks of Manizales Girls: 2.5/5
  • Easiness of Manizales Girls: 3/5
  • Manizales Overall: 3/5


Manizales has around 450,000+ inhabitants – bigger than Armenia but smaller than Pereira.

450,000 doesn’t sound like much amount but the good news is that there are seven universities and colleges in Manizales. That means around a quarter of the town’s population are college age.

That means a lot of young Manizales girls.

Vamos Colombia!


Of all the main cities in Colombia, only Bogota has colder and wetter weather than Manizales. The average temperature year-round is in the mid-sixties. There only two seasons: dry and wet, each one lasting three months each. Hint: avoid fall and spring and bring an umbrella.

While Bucaramanga and Bogota were built at the base of a mountain, Manizales sits on the side of one. This means clean air and water for the townspeople. If the city enjoyed more sunshine, Manizales would be the healthiest city in Colombia.

Warning: Walking around Manizales will give your legs and lungs a good workout. If you’ve ever visited San Francisco, USA or Lisbon, Portugal, you know what I’m talking about.


Manizales is much safer than other Colombian cities such as Cali, Bogota, and Barranquilla. But as with any city in Latin America, never assume you’re completely safe. Any foreign guy will stick out like a sore thumb in Manizales so don’t bring any more attention on yourself with flashy jewelry and an iPhone X.

Be especially careful during the Feria de Manizales. This carnival draws lots crowds. And crowds in Latin America brings pickpockets.

Watching the parade one year, I stepped back as the crowd rushed through the streets. I felt someone grab my pocket. I tried to grab the hand but the guy let go. The guy turned back over his shoulder as the crowd dragged him along.

It was over in a couple of seconds.

Here’s how to stay safe during the Feria de Manizales:

Take only the cash you need for that evening, and leave your wallet at home.
Only take a phone if you need to text someone.

By Colombia standards, Manizales is safe but it’s not the same as being safe in nice areas of the first world.

Cost of Living

Living in Manizales is cheaper than living in Bogota, Barranquilla or Cartagena. In my experience, living in Manizales is no more expensive than living Cali, Colombia.

Internet prices for apartments can be deceiving. If you’re planning to stay long-term and can negotiate in person with cash in hand, a nice apartment shouldn’t cost more than three hundred and fifty per month.


Christmas and New Year is the festival season in Colombia. It’s the best time of year to be in the county if you want to go wild.

The partying starts with Las Ferias de Cali in December, followed by Feria de Manizales in January and then El Carnaval de Barranquilla in February.

While the carnival time might be the best time to visit Colombia if you want to live it up, it’s not the best time if you are looking for sex in Manizales. Better to wait for the craziness to die down so you can date under the radar.

There a lot more to do in Manizales besides the fair. January brings the coffee region’s beauty pageant. That means a parade of the most beautiful women in Manizales.

And the start of the year is also the bullfighting season. The one time I watched bullfighting in Manizales, I saw the matador get impaled on a bullhorn. It’s not for the squeamish.

As you would expect of a city build on a mountain, there is magnificent scenery to enjoy. Here are the top three things to do in Manizales:

  • Visit the nearby active volcano “Nevado del Ruiz”
  • Ride the Cable Aereo (cable car). It’s the best way to see the city
  • Day hike followed by a cool down in one of the city’s many thermal baths

Great landscapes around the city.

Where to Stay in Manizales

There’s only one area:

El Cable

El Cable is right in the Zona Rosa of Manizales.

Quick Spanish/Colombian culture lesson: The “Zona Rosa” of any Colombian city is where the majority of the nightclubs and restaurants are located. “El Centro” refers to the historical center, not downtown.

The only reason not to stay in El Cable would be if you are on a super strict budget and find something cheaper elsewhere.

But honestly, Manizales is cheap as can be.

So you shouldn’t have any issue finding a place around El Cable.

If you’re on a quick trip around Manizales, I can’t recommend staying at this hotel enough.

Just make sure to pay for two when booking and you can bring girls back no issue.

What do Manizales girls look like?

Manizales girls may be the whitest in Colombia. Not “white” as in Irish skin. I’m talking pale skin, black hair, and brown eyes.

Standard Andean-region Latina.

Because of the city’s relative isolation in Eje Cafetero, there has never been much racial mixing here. Sorry booty-lovers, you won’t see any black or brown girls around.

If you’re like light-skinned latinas, you’re in luck.

The girls in Manizales look similar to “Rolas” – girls from Bogota. This isn’t surprising considering many of them are from the capital and come to Manizales to study at one of the universities. Both cities share similar weather – lack of sun so the girls cover up a lot more than the Costeña and Paisas.

Being white yourself won’t make you stand out. But being a gringo will. So you need to open your mouth and talk to the local girls so they know you’re not local.

Here’s what to expect:


Sex in Manizales: Is it Difficult?

The girls in Manizales are easier to lay than those in Bucaramanga.

But they’re more conservative than the girls from Medellin, Pereira, Cali, and Barranquilla. Being a small town, girls will be more open and friendly than those in a large metropolis such as Bogota.

You’ll have high gringo value because the people of Manizales never see foreigners.

And most girls in Manizales are bored with small-town life and would love to be whisked away for a tempestuous affair with the new guy in town.

Also, as most Manizales girls are college students and thus don’t live with their parents they’ll be more willing to stay over. That means plenty of sex in Manizales if you have your own place.

Online Dating in Manizales

Tinder is active in Manizales, and you’ll stand out if you make yourself an obvious non-Colombian in your profile.

But I found Colombian Cupid to be a better overall option while in the city. There’s just more girls on the site in Manizales than on Tinder.

Make sure you pipeline hard before you arrive or you’ll struggle to get laid as for the first couple of weeks as you get to know the town and its people.

I found Colombian Cupid girls were a little less flakey than Tinder girls in Manizales.

So it’s definitely my top pick here.

Day Game

As you would expect of a college town, there’s always swarms of girls ground walking around in the afternoons after class. All across Colombia, students finish classes at midday on Friday and start partying early Friday afternoon.


College girls usually walk to and from classes with their friends so you need to have the Spanish skills to engage groups.

The main street running through the middle of Manizales is Carrera 23. Begin your daygame session at the mall Centro Comercial Cable Plaza, and walk along Carrera 23. On the way, you’ll see various parks, universities, and malls filled with approach opportunities.

Lots of good spots to approach here, but make sure to stay calibrated.

This is a smaller city and a gringo causing a ruckus will ensure word gets around quick.

Nightlife in Manizales

All across Colombia, nightlife follows a familiar pattern: quiet from Sunday to Thursday, people go out in mixed groups, dance around their tables.

The only mixing that happens is between Aguardiente and soda.

Manizales is no exception.

If you’ll go out alone and approach, you’ll struggle. I recommend making some local friends to go out with. Do this and you’ll increase your chances of getting laid in Manizales tenfold.

Or take your regular girl to the club and be subtle and getting numbers from other girls. It happens a lot when the club girls get word that you’re from out of town.

Keep midweek night to tourism, eating out and going on dates.

Manizales’s “zona rosa” is in the El Cable neighborhood. Most the nightlife is in El Cable.

Want an insider secret?

Once you’ve burned out El Cable’s clubs, head to a barrio called “Batallón Milán”. It’s super safe and lots of college students party there.

Young Manizales girl.

Speaking Spanish in Manizales

Manizales doesn’t attract as many tourists place like Medellin and Cartagena, so there aren’t many English speakers in the city.

If Spanish stops at “gracias” and “amigo”, I recommend going to one of the cities I just mentioned.

Luckily, Spanish is a skill anyone can learn if you have the right method a bit of dedication.

The best way I found to learn Spanish for dating?


Language Blend

Language Blend will teach you the language of love and lifting. You’ll learn how to flirt with a Colombiana, ask for her number and turn her on in Spanish.

How to Get Laid in Manizales, Colombia – City Guide

Three years ago, Manizales was voted Colombia’s Best City to Live In.

Spend a few days here and you’ll see why:

People are friendly, the town is clean and the crime rate is low.

Stay a while, make some friends, date some women and enjoy the good life.

If a low-key city with great weather is what you’re looking for, then Manizales may be the best pick in Colombia for you.

Just don’t forget to utilize online dating properly before you arrive.

If not, your first couple weeks in Manizales may be a little lonely.


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