How to Get Laid in Pereira, Colombia – City Guide

December 28, 2022

Have you heard the running joke in Colombia about Pereira girls?

Ask any Colombian about Pereira and they’ll tell you the city is famous for two things: crime and easy women. Danger and hot, slutty women? Sounds like an adventure to me. Let’s see if the biggest of the three cities in Colombia’s Coffee Region lives up to the hype.

Colombia Casanova Ratings:
Looks of Pereira: 3.75/5
How Easy Are Pereira Girls: 4/5
Pereira Overall: 4/5

Breaking Down Pereira

Around five hundred thousand people live in Pereira and a further two hundred thousand in the sister city of Dosquebradas, totaling seven hundred thousand. Tourists passing through the zona cafetera mention that of the three cities, Pereira feels like a true city while Manizales and Armenia are more provincial towns.

In fact, many expats residing in Armenia travel to Pereira for shopping, medical treatment, etc., due to its greater number of amenities.

Despite the hype about Pereira being dangerous, you’re more likely to die in the next Andean-zone earthquake or when one of the nearby volcanoes springs to life again.

Take the same precautions you would anywhere else in Latin America: watch your back when taking money out of an ATM, take taxis at night, don’t accept drinks from strangers.

The last point is crucial. An increasing number of male love tourists have been drugged and robbed by girls in Pereira. Here’s how it happens: a chicas will spike your drink with a “zombie drug” called scopolamine. And while you’re out cold she’ll call her barrio boyfriend to come over and help her clean out your place and bank account.

Most of all… avoid the drug culture. If you’re going to Colombia to enjoy the cheap cocaine, you’re asking for trouble.

Here’s some safety advice specific to Pereira: avoid the east part of the city. It’s dangerous, especially the neighborhood of San Judas.

And avoid El Centro after dark.

Most days in Pereira are warm while the nights are comfortable. The city average temperature is 22°C/72 °F. If you’re considering basing up in any of the coffee region cities, this might help you decide: Pereira is drier and warmer than Manizales.

On first glance, Pereira looks ugly and industrial. And there’s more to do nearby: Salento, Manizales, and Armenia are less than two hours away. Cali is only three hours away by bus.

But there are few things to do besides looking for sex in Pereira:

Vistil the thermal springs in either San Vicente or Santa Rosa. Here you can relax in the outdoor pool and enjoy a spa experience in the mountains. To get there, take the bus that every day from the center of Pereira.

If you want to take Pereira girls on a date in the city, you can swim or hike the trials in Parque Consota. Or you can visit Matecana City Zoo.

With a bit of local research, you could find a furnished apartment in Pereira for around three hundred dollars monthly. But it’s the kind of city where you should pay more to guarantee your safety – 24-hour security guard in front of the building, upscale neighborhood, etc.

Where to stay in Pereira?
The two best neighborhoods are Pinares and Los Alamos. Both are near the zona rosa and the nightlife. If you can’t find an apartment there, consider Santa Juana and Villas del Jardin – both safe.

What do Perera Girls Look Like?
Women in Pereira are mainly Mestiza-looking. They rank only second to Medellin in terms of taking care of their appearance and wearing makeup. This beauty tradition in both cities comes from the days of drug trafficking in Colombia. Many famous Colombian drug lords came from Pereira. It’s because the city was on the route between the Medellin Cartel and the Cali Cartel. These narcos needed trophy wives, so they paid for their women to visit the salon every day, wear expensive jewelry and go under the knife for plastic surgery.

Sex in Pereira. Is it difficult?
If you meet a Colombian whore in either Panama City or Cartagena, there’s a good chance she’s either from Medellin or Pereira. Maybe guidance counselors in both cities consider puta to be a well-paid career for young women. This is where all the “Pereira Putas” jokes come from.

Pereira women got so sick of the slut jokes that six hundred of them protested against the stereotype in 2013. They said the regional stereotype is “unfair and untrue”.

You know what I say? “There’s no smoke without fire.”

But seriously, don’t crack jokes in Pereira about the local woman being easy if you want to keep your huevos.

Online Game in Pereira
Online game in Pereira is much the same as in other areas of the country: use Tinder, Colombian Cupid, and Latin American Cupid in that order.

Widen your search to include the surrounding area – even girls from cities such as Cali and Buena Ventura will come to visit you and if you pay for their bus ride.

If she’s coming to visit you from out of town, you’re guaranteed some Pereira sex.

Just make sure to screen for whores on Tinder.

Day Game
Make your day game approaches around the street unknown locally as Circunvalar. On the city map, look for Carrera 13.


Being at one end of Circunvalar at either of the two biggest malls in the city: Pereira Plaza or Arboleda. Start at one and work your way along Carrera 13 to the other. Primetime of female targets is from 4-6.30pm.

If you strike out at the malls, try the local universities:

Technological University of Pereira
Catholic Popular University of Risaralda

Night Game In Pereira.
Despite being close to Cali, salsa music doesn’t seem to be so popular in Persia. Vallenato and techno music dominate the local music scene.

You’ll find most of the best clubs on Circunvalar. Try these three clubs if you want to learn how to get laid in Pereira, Colombia:

Discoteca Paradise – The mega club in Pereira. Famous reggaeton artists often visit
Elephant Club – Crossover music, good-looking women, and open till 6 am on weekends.
Tropical Cocktails – Right in the Zona Rosa. Casual spot. Great for pregame or dates.

Speaking Spanish in Pereira
You may find some university girls in Pereira who know English. But here’s the kicker: they’re too self-conscious to use it. I’ve dated Colombian girls for months and never realized they knew English.

You need to know Spanish if you’re going to have sex in Pereira. Otherwise, you’ll be restricted to the whores. By the way… If you meet a girl in Pereira who speaks broken English and calls you “baby” a lot, she’s probably a pro.

For learning Spanish, I recommend a combination of two approaches:

1. Get a good baseline of Spanish knowledge: how the language works, the most frequently used words, the most common verbs, etc.


2. Learn how to speak to Latina girls.

To achieve number 1, I recommend Synergy Spanish. It will teach you how to speak like a human being and not like a Spanish dictionary. The course is user-friendly and gives you lot a much-needed confidence boost when you’re starting out.

Synergy Spanish won’t fill your head with useless vocabulary but rather teaches you to talk about natural everyday topics.

The second course I recommend is Pickup Spanish. It will teach you how to day game in Spanish and how to message girls on Tinder in Spanish. It will also teach you how to approach Latin women in the clubs and how to get her back to yours.

Think of it as a “Spanish guide for love tourists”.

How to get Laid in Pereira, Colombia
Peria is like a mini-Medellin: good weather, a history of narcos, and women. But there are a few differences: you’ll have way more value as a gringo in Peria than you will in Medellin. Take a walk around Poblado, Medellin and count how many digital nomads and backpackers you see.

Also, if you’re an older gent, you’ll love Peria. A large age gap is often frowned upon in Bogota in but you’ll see dudes over 40 walking with 20-year-old smokeshows in Pereira all the time.

Overall, the girls in Pereira are hot and easy. And there’s always a hint of danger in the air.

I can’t think of anywhere more fun to visit.

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