I Heart Colombian Milfs – Here’s Why

She looked over her shoulder and gave me a smile. I was hooked. I had to have that Colombian milf.

It was Tuesday. I was scoping out a language exchange event in Bogotá, Colombia. I was roaming upstairs looking for a table to sit down. Plus, I wanted to practice my Spanish or to help locals with their English.

Well, that was the “official” reason. The real reason was that I wanted to meet hot girls. And that’s what all the other guys at this language exchange wanted as well.

When I saw the Colombian milf, I found my table. I grabbed a stool and gave my “discuplas” as I wedged myself between the Colombian milf and a backpacker douche trying to “practice his Spanish” with her.

God, I hate those guys. They arrive in huge groups at bars in Bogotá, wearing long beards, shorts, and flip-flops. They come to Colombia because the women back home won’t give them a second look.

Instead of improving themselves to become better prospects to their own women, they run from their problems to go play in an easier sandbox. Although I don’t blame them much – shortcuts are easier.

Rant over.

My Colombian Milf Experience

Anyway, back at the language exchange. I muscled the backpacker dude out of the way and started talking to the Colombian milf. She couldn’t keep the smile off her face.

We chatted about standard stuff: why I liked Colombia, work, languages, travel, and so on. At that point, she pulled out her phone and started showing me photos of her travels – Paris, Rome, Medellin…

All with her two kids. But no husband in sight.

Now she had her phone out, I told her to take my number. Pleased with myself, I kissed her on the cheek and got up to go roam around the language exchange some more.

A few hours later, I found the milf on the dance floor. She smiled when she saw me. I approached and showed off the basic salsa moves I knew. She thought it was cute. We danced closer. I got hard.

Then she looked up and said:

Me tengo que ir. / I have to go.

Already? Then I remembered she had two kids.

Two days later, we arranged our first date. Or was it our second? I met her at the mall. She showed up wearing a pink book tube, exposing her shoulders and two-thirds of her fake tits.

Colombian milfs put the rest of the world’s women to shame. Even though they’ve popped out few kids, they still care about the way they look. They go the gym, wear their hair long, do their makeup, get plastic surgery, etc.

Contrast that with western women. Once they pass 30, they give up on life and on being attractive. But for a Colombian milf, being physically desirable is a lifelong purist. It’s a lifestyle. Motherhood, cellulite, and younger colombianas – nothing will stop a Colombian milf.

Back on the date, we went dancing again – she was from Cali and I showed an interest in dancing salsa. It was the obvious choice.

We danced some more, we got closer again.

After a couple of hours of spins and dry humping, she said she had to go.


But this time was different – she offered to drop me off at my place. That’s another advantage of dating a milf – they have their own cars.

Lady Luck On My Side?

She pulled up outside my place. I leaned in to kiss her “good night”. I kissed her cheek, brushed past her cheek and went for her lips. Her lips were cold and wet from the couple of drinks we had at the bar.

The driver behind us honked and ruined the moment. We were holding up traffic with our makeouts.

I told her to come upstairs for a drink. She had to decide quick – the impatient asshole behind us was still honking, and she wasn’t heading home just yet:

Vale. / Ok.

She turned right and drove into the underground parking lot of my building.

Once we got upstairs, I put on some music to get us dancing again. We danced a couple more salsa numbers. I ran my hands all over that butt in those tight jeans. Then I kissed her again on the lips. I worked my way down her neck. She moaned.

I licked those big fake boobs then threw her on the bed. She helped me wrestle off her tight jeans – I thought I would have to cut her out of them. She was the perfect Colombian MILF in bed: experienced and energetic.

After we finished, she jumped up out of bed quickly and started to get dressed. I asked her if anything was wrong. Her reply was quick and exactly what I expected:

Me tengo que ir. / I have to go.

She said she had to put her kid to bed. Colombian Milfs are great but remember…

You’re not her first priority.

P.S: Your first priority should be learning Spanish when heading down to Colombia. If you’re looking to sound suave, I’d suggest starting here!
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