How to Flirt in Spanish: The Ultimate Guide

September 27, 2018

If you’re curious about how to flirt in Spanish, there’s a damn good reason why.

And it’s not just the sexy Colombianas.

Flirting is a life skill. Like swimming and shaving, it’s something that you should teach your sons.

But for some reason, men from Northern Europe and Asia were born without the flirting gene

Or, more likely, they weren’t taught by their fathers, older brothers, and uncles.

Guys from Southern Europe and Latin America learn by watching their male family members flirt in Spanish or another romance language.

It’s in their blood too. There’s a clue in the root of the language. Linguists class Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, and Romanian as “romance languages. So it’s no coincidence that guys from these countries are the smoothest swordsmen in the world.




And who was the greatest natural of them all?

Don Juan.

The man who made seduction his life’s work. While some say I’m Don Juan’s reincarnation, he was, in fact, a fictional character. And where was Don Juan created? In Spain by a Spanish author.

Enough literature for today though. Here’s a little history lesson: North America was colonized by the Brits and other Northern European countries. These were the Calvinists, the Puritans.

What did they bring across the Atlantic with them? A strong work ethic, economic prosperity, and terrible flirting skills.

Meanwhile, Latin America was colonized by the Spaniards and the Portuguese. What did that mean for Latin culture?


Punctuality is a foreign concept, they’re prone to laziness, their economies suck, and a whole lot more.

But they’re know how to charm women.

And to top off this melting pot of flirting genetics, they brought slaves over from West Africa.

The percentage of slaves who were brought to North America was small. The majority of the slave trade was to the Caribbean and South America.

Anyway, think about it:

African men. These are the most direct and ruthless players on the planet.

Does that mean you’re a lost cause if you were born in an economically prosperous country but poor is in the ways of women?

No señor. You didn’t learn as a youngster but you can learn as an adult.

How do you start?

Take a trip to Latin America and learn the ways of Don Juan. Start by modeling their language and then copy their mannerisms and game.

If you suck at flirting, living in Latin America and studying Spanish could unsuck you.


Want to take your flirting skills and try out that silver tongue on some lovely Latinas?

By the way, in this article, when I say, Latina, I’m not referring to those born in the States. Those girls are different beats, products of a different culture. I mean Latin women in Latin America.

If you want to learn how to flirt in Spanish, read on.

What Your Body Says

Before you open your mouth and start flirting in Spanish, you need to look at what your body language. After all, flirting starts there.

This is where you’ll see a big difference with Latin American culture.

Here’s what most Latin women complain about with foreign guys:

You guys are too cold. You’re not passionate like Latin men.

It’s true. And here’s what you do about – be bolder and more physical.

People stand a lot closer in Latin American. They’re more comfortable touching.

And they touch you earlier in the interaction. Whereas it might take a western girl a few hours to warm up until you can touch her… a Latin girl will throw her arms around you and kiss you on the cheek the first time you meet.

It’s not strange for a Latin woman, who you’ve just met, to touch you on the arm as she speaks to you. They touch earlier and they touch more affectionately.

Start working touch into your Spanish flirting. Make your eye contact stronger. Start touching her as soon as you meet. Put your hand on her forearm and judge the reaction.

Start flirting with your body. Nobody does this better than Latin American people.

Dance is a way of life in Latin America: salsa, bachata, reggaeton. If you want to improve your body language start taking dance lessons. You don’t need to know any Spanish to get started but it will teach you how to flirt with your body.

Lost In Translation

So now that you’re flirting Latin-style with your body, we need to work on the Spanish that comes out of your mouth.

But before you start bellowing “hola Mamacita Bonita” at every Latina you see, here are a few mindsets to adopt before you start speaking:

If you’ve studied any game stuff from the US or Europe, you’ve probably adopted a cocky style of interacting with women. I bet you use lots of ballbusting and teasing.

This is necessary otherwise women in the West will walk all over you. You need to fight their bitchiness with your own brand of verbal strength.

But remember that Latin culture is very different. Everything is taken literally, so cut out any sarcastic or clever humor.

Dumb down your humor. Use slapstick and physical humor. If it would make your 8-year-old nephew laugh, then it will probably make a Latina laugh.

There’s no bitch shield to break through. Girls won’t give you a hard time… Unlike the “I don’t need a man” Beyonce-style attitude of women here, Latin women WANT you to speak to them, seduce them and make them feel like a real woman.

How should you apply this?

Answer: you should act more like a gentleman, more romantic and less of a “challenge”…

Specifically, that means you can use more compliments in Spanish. Latin women love these.

Direct compliments:

  • Me encanta tu… (I love your..).

Make it something physical but nonsexual such as:

  • eyes – ojos
  • smile – sonrisa

Non-Physical Compliments:

  • Me encanta tu forma de ser. (I love your personality/I love how you are)
  • Eres muy alegre (You’re really sweet)

Think that’s overdoing the compliments?

Listen: you can’t overdo it.

Compliment her country, her culture, her family. Stroke her ego.

Terms of Endearment

One big part of flirting in Spanish in Latin America is being more loving in your language. Think about when you’re in North Carolina and the locals charm the pants off you with their southern sweetness: “honey-baby” or “sweetie pie”.

Here are a few terms Latin men and women throw around:

  • Corazon
  • Cariño (or Cariñito)
  • Cielo
  • Amor
  • Querida

Learn them, use them liberally and you’ll find yourself becoming more sensual in your language. It’s a “fake it till you make it” thing.

Use them, but don’t fall for them.

For example, I remember a guy from the US who arrived in Colombia for the first time. He was all giddy and excited telling me that he had met a few girls online and they were messaging him and calling him “amor”.

I could see his hope bubble pop when I told him that in certain Latin American countries, amor is so overused to be meaningless. He didn’t understand how to flirt in Spanish.

But that isn’t universal for all Latin American countries. For example, I was texting an old girlfriend from Peru (after I had spent some time In the Dominican Republic and Colombia where amor is uber common) This was her reply to my saccharine Spanish: “Amor??? WTF?”

That’s when I realized: the countries that were under more indigenous and European influence such as Peru, Mexico, Argentina – are slightly colder in their communication.

While the countries that are closer to the Caribbean and have more African influence – Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Brazil are typically Latin and warm.

Spanish Language Resources

Now, you definitely need to be able to speak a little Spanish before you’re able to flirt in this love language. We’ve got to cover the basics.

If you’re a newbie, I can’t recommend starting with this program enough. 

You’ll cover the basics of Spanish language learning quickly and be ready to flirt in no time. This is exactly what we want. Get you speaking in Spanish and seducing Colombianas with the quickness.

If you already speak some Spanish and are looking to learn how to flirt in the language even more so, then we’ve got one more idea for you…

Language Blend

This course program you exactly how to be conversational in Spanish. It’s an A-Z guide for men looking for amor in Latin America.

If you use Language Blend, you’ll be seducing Colombian girls before you or they know what’s going on.

Sexy Spanish Teachers

So if you want to become as suave as Don Juan, go learn how to flirt in Spanish. But not the type of Spanish you learned in high school.

If you have any aversions to learning Spanish it’s because you associate Spanish with classrooms and boring grammar lessons. If Spanish were about flirting with babes wearing string bikinis at the beach, you’d be much more motivated to learn.

Your language will come on so much faster when you’re talking with someone you care about. Or when you’re learning a language to get something you really want…

Like a hot Colombiana in your bed.

And – don’t get down while you go through the inevitable setbacks when learning how to flirt in Spanish. Your weaknesses are your strengths. Your accent will be cute. And even your mistakes will make her laugh, and your forced silences will increase the tension. And tension is necessary for passion.

It will also make you appear more mysterious.

Mysterious equals sexy.

Un abrazo.

P.S: If learning how to flirt in Spanish is a priority, then chatting with a lot of girls is absolutely necessary. For that, I’d start here:

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