How to Get Laid in Bogota, Colombia – Men’s City Guide

Curious how to get laid in Bogota, Colombia? Well, that’s what I’m here for. See, I have a little experience regarding this topic…

Her hand was down my pants.

I had her pressed up against the DJ booth. She put my right hand on her left breast, and her tongue was down my throat.

I was both turned on and worried. But I guess fear is a part of arousal. I was afraid the bouncers would throw us out. But then I remembered that clubs in Colombia are pretty liberal – locals dance like they’re humping.

We had to get out of there. If we didn’t, she would whip out my dick and we would get thrown out for sure. I grabbed her hand…

Where are we going? Back to my place.
Do you have a condom? Or course.

We got out the club as fast as we could. We jumped in the first taxi we saw. On the ride to my place, she lay back with her head in my lap. I rubbed her pussy. She started moaning. I worried again – the taxi driver was getting a peep show.

But he didn’t tell us to cut it out. I should stop worrying so much about people seeing me doing foreplay with girls in public.

We got to my place. She was soaking wet. We fucked for what seemed like hours. She was so loud she woke up the guy staying in the room across the hall.

That night, I realized how to get laid in Bogota, Colombia. Well, it took a few more nights of research and development. And by that, I mean bringing as many Colombia girls back to my room as humanly possible.

In this article. I’ll share the secret with you. How to meet girls in Bogota and make sweet sex with them all day and night.

Colombia Casanova Ratings

  • Looks Of Bogota Girls: 3.74/5
  • How Easy Are Bogota Girls: 4.25/5
  • Bogota Overall: 4/5

Breaking Down Bogota

  • Population: 8 million, 10+ million in the metro. Bogota is HUGE. Even in you live there for a couple of years, you won’t even scratch the surface. It’s only when you get away from the historical center and tourist spots that you begin to understand the vastness of this city.
  • Costs: Varies by area. Neighborhoods such as Parque 93, Zona G, and Chico, are upscale. Generally, the North of Bogota is safer and more modern. The South and West are mostly ghettoes.
  • Accommodation: A studio apartment in the north-east area of the city, such as Zona Rosa, will cost $500+. If you are willing to rough it in South Bogota, you can find something for $250 or less. If you want something safer but still cheap, check out Chapinero. Get to know some locals, hunt around, and you can find an apartment for around $350 per month. Oh, and hotels range from $20-150 a night.
  • Safety: Violent crime has fallen in Bogota over the past decade. The government worked out that lower homicide rates would attract more tourists. More common are robberies of cell phones and electronics. Every local has a story about the time they were mugged. It happens. But if you stick to the upper-class areas, and don’t flaunt your wealth or iPhone, you’ll be safe.
  • Climate: Locals like to say that Bogota has 4 seasons in one day. Rainy seasons fall around October-December and April-June. But when it’s not rainy Bogota, it’s great: temperatures in the high-70’s, low humidity. You can walk around without sweat running down your ass-crack like you would near the Carribean coast.
  • Tourism: The main area to visit is the historical center, known as Candelaria. This area has lots of museums and colonial-era architecture. Or you have Monserrate hill where you can get a view of the whole city. Or visit the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá to see a church built underground.

What Do Bogota Girls Look Like?

That’s a tough question…

Let me take a step back to explain the racial makeup of Colombia. People from the coastal areas have brown and black skin. Girls from the interior of the country: Pereira, Bucaramanga, Manizales, etc. – well, they’re whiter. Bogota is kind of in the middle of those two extremes.

Being the capital city, girls come from all over Colombia to study and work there – so there’s a little bit of every color mixed in.

The typical Rola, Colombian word for Bogota women, has straight black hair, brown eyes, and light skin, but not completely white. You’ll have a tough time getting a good look at her body. Why? Because locals wear lots of layers to protect them from the cold and rain.

How are Bogota girls, personality wise? Answer: They tend to be serious and career minded. In contrast, girls from the Colombian coast are more fun-loving and party-minded.

Overall, the Bogota girls come in all shapes and sizes. Since the city has nearly 10 million people, you’re almost guaranteed to meet enough women to please the needy. Aka you can meet young models, Bogota women with fake arses, and everything in between.

Chapinero girl.

Where to Stay in Bogota

Backpackers stay in Candelaria, business people stay in Usaquen, and party people stay near Zona T. I’m none of those so I like to stay in Chapinero. It’s near enough to Zona T to get to the nightlife in a ten-minute taxi ride. And it’s safe if you stick to the east side.

Chapinero is Zona T’s less glamorous sister, but still a good place to stay and party.

  • For sexy Bogota girls from the club, stay close to Zona T.
  • With college girls and online dating, Chapinero is an ideal location.
  • For safety, avoid the South and West of Bogota.

For stays of over a month, it’s best to check out apartment rentals.

On shorter stays, this is the best hotel in Bogota.This hotel is guest-friendly and reasonably priced for Zona T. Highly recommended. Seriously, this is the ideal spot for a few days to a few weeks in Bogota.


Sex in Bogota: Is It Difficult?

Bogota is hands down the best place in Colombia for pulling girls form nightlife venues.

But don’t get too excited: there is lots of competition from other foreign guys looking for easy sex with Bogota girls. So don’t expect to roll up and have girls swarming you the first night.

But if you are a nightlife guy, Bogota is the best city in Colombia. No doubt. Here’s why:

  • Tourist girls, backpacker girls, exchange students aplenty
  • Girls from other parts of Colombia are easier to pull in Bogota. Away from the small-town gossip and judgment of their small towns, they lose their inhibitions.
  • You also have the “visitor assumption” working in your favor in Bogota. Girls in Bogota will assume you’re in the city for work or study. Why would anyone visit Bogota for vacation? Girls will see you as more of a serious option.

Honestly, it’s not too hard once you figure out how to get laid in Bogota. The combination of online dating in Colombia and nightlife should leave you with more options than you know what to do with.

How to Get Laid In Bogota

Now that I’ve given you the information you need to succeed, now it’s time to pull back the curtain and tell you how to get the Bogota girls. Luckily, we’ve got a proven system for meeting women in Bogota.

It’s pretty simple once you know where to look. Seriously, you should be able to meet a Colombia girl or three here with a little time and effort. Here’s how:

Online Dating

You’ll never run out of girls. Colombian chicks are used to meeting men online. Plus, Bogota has 10+ million people in the metro area. An unlimited supply of Bogota girls ready and willing to meet a foreigner.

So here are a few suggestions:

Most middle-class girls are on Tinder in Bogota. But there are also a few webcam girls and prostitutes selling their services. Because of this, Tinder has become a pain in the ass in Bogota over the past couple of years.

Should you use Tinder in Bogota?

Expect lots of swipes and matches but also lots of frustration. If you’ve got endless patience and time on your hands, you can make Tinder work in Bogota.

You’ll get dates and you will get laid in Bogota using Tinder. That’s a guarantee. It’ll just take some time to work through the riff-raff these days.

If you want to keep your hair and your faith in humanity, there’s a better option…

I prefer Cupid for online dating in Bogota because it has a higher barrier to entry. Guys have to pay to join so there is less competition.

Here’s how to get the most dates using Colombian Cupid:

Copy and paste a neutral opener and send it out to a bunch of girls. Have a good backstory because the first question they’ll ask you is:

“Why are you in Colombia?”

Sex tourism is alive and well in Colombia. So, the girls will want to know you’re in Colombia for something other than hookers and cocaine. If you can convince her you have hobbies outside of casual drug use and brothel visits, she’ll usually be interested in meeting up.

Then get the girl’s number, chat to her on Whatsapp, and arrange the date.

You’ll find Colombia chicks love to chat and always agree to dates. Just know they’ll often flake on you, especially when using Tinder or Cupid. That’s just how things go in Colombia.

Schedule 10 dates on Colombian Cupid for a week. Half the girls will actually show up. It’s a numbers game, but Colombia Cupid works them in your favor.

Day Game

Very often rain can kill your daygame efforts in Bogota. But there are plenty of malls for you to scope out.

The historical center in Candelaria is walkable so you’ll see lots of foot traffic.

There are lots of universities in South Chapinero, so you’ll see hot young girls walking to and from class.

Zona T tends to be filled with middle-class girls from 4:30-7:00 pm every weeknight, which is ideal for day game.

The big fear for local girls is getting mugged. Girls get robbed all the time in Bogota. So be gentle with your day game approach. Don’t scare her away.


Bogota beats any other city in Latin America for nightlife, except Rio De Janeiro and Mexico City. Zona T is THE area in Bogota for nightlife and there are too many clubs to name. Walk around and pick one of dozens.

Places that tend to cater to foreigners include Armando Records and Hotel V. There’s also a late night spot in Zona T that gets absolutely reckless on the weekends.

Of course, you can also check out Chapinero nightlife if you’re living in the neighborhood.

Speaking Spanish in Bogota?

Bogota is the best city in Colombia if your Spanish is weak. And yet, to stand out and get quality girls ahead of all the gringos in the city, you need Spanish.

The middle-class career girls and the college-aged girls in the city will know some English…

But they’ll often be too self-conscious to speak it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not impossible to get laid in Bogota without a decent level of Spanish. But you’ll have a way easier time dealing with flakes if you speak the local language.

To start, we recommend using this course. You’ll go from “Hola” to having conversations in a few months of study.

For learning to seduce girls in Bogota in Spanish, this is the course needed to succeed. You will become a Spanish-speaking Don Juan if you apply the principles here to meeting girls in Bogota.


How To Get Laid in Bogota – Men’s City Guide

If you like nightlife and online game, Bogota is the best place to be in Colombia. There are thousands of women looking for a date online. Not only that, you’ll find a party every night of the week if you want it.

Just remember to bring your umbrella and prepare for the average weather.

How to get laid in Bogota, Colombia? Be prepared for some swiping and hangovers. That’s about it, y’all.

Oh, and make sure to sign up for Colombian Cupid before you go. You’ll have girls waiting for you to arrive!

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