How To Get Laid In Cali, Colombia – City Guide

Cali doesn’t get much love from visitors to Colombia. As such, you might be wondering how to get laid in Cali, Colombia.

You may be curious if things work the same here as they do in other parts of Colombia.

The good news is yes. Things work similarly here as they do all over the country. Plus, there’s a reason many tourists don’t visit Cali, Colombia.

The city is far from Bogota, around 8 hours by bus, and it has a reputation for being dangerous, and it’s kinda ugly.

But therein lies the opportunity. You might have had enough of the swarm of gringos in Medellin. And you might have had enough of the cold and rain in Bogota. So Cali is where the opportunity is in Colombia.

People usually come to Cali for the Salsa dancing but there’s much more to it.

In this article, I’ll lift the lid on meeting girls in Cali, Colombia and tapping this untouched gem. And by tapping, I’m talking about tapping round button Calenas in your bedroom.

Colombia Casanova Ratings

+ Looks of Cali girls 4/5

+ How easy are Cali girls 3.75/5

+ Overall 3.75/5

Breaking Down Cali

  • Population: The official statistics say 2.5 million in the metropolitan area. But I swear that’s a typo because the city feels smaller. Especially having lived in the sprawling mass of Bogota for a few months. Cali is just big enough to have lots of female options for you both online and at the clubs, but it doesn’t come with the high living costs of a big city.
  • Costs Of Living in Cali: Cali is the cheapest big city in Colombia. By far. Here are some examples to give you an idea. A nice 1 bedroom apartment cost $300-400 dollars. One night at a decent hotel is around $30-40. A decent lunch costs around $3-7 bucks. Good, wholesome food and clean, simple accommodation for around $1,200 per month are what Cali, Colombia offers.
  • Safety: Most of Cali’s dangerous reputation harks back to the golden years of the Cali Cartel. This was a powerful drug network that ruled distribution of angel dust for that part of Colombia and was always at war with the Medellin cartel. Those days are gone in Cali, but it’s still more dangerous than both Bogota and Medellin. Petty theft is a big issue, but homicides are concentrated in certain neighborhoods and are usually between rival drug gangs or paramilitary groups. Cali is no Compton. But you need to be more careful in Cali than in any other Colombian city. Except for maybe Cucuta – don’t go there. For real. Taxis are plentiful in Cali but take Ubers to be safe. I know guys who have been robbed by collusion between taxi drivers and local thieves.

Cali girl.

  • Climate: Hot. Not to the level of Cartagena or other cities on the Caribbean coast. But you need air conditioning in your apartment and you’ll be walking around most of the time in a tank top and flip-flops. And don’t think the night will give you any respite from the heat either. Dancing salsa at the clubs will have sweat running down the crack of your ass cheeks in no time. It rains a lot in Cali during November and December. But even that can’t dampen the spirits of Cali girls.
  • Tourism: The Feria de Cali happens every year between the 25th and 30th of December. This is the best time to party in Cali, but if you can’t get there between Christmas and New Year, there’s still plenty to do and see. Being nowhere near the beach, most Calenos like to escape the oppressive heat by heading to the river. The most popular is Rio Pance. It’s the only clean river in Cali. The water’s freezing but the girls still wade in wearing bikinis. Many of these girls are at the river with their families so try not to stare too much.

What Do Cali Girls Look Like?

Henry Ford once said:

“You can have any color as long as it’s black.”

Hair in Cali comes in one color – black.

If you have a thing for blondes, don’t go to Cali. And if you think “blondes have more fun”, there are plenty of women in Cali, Colombia ready to disprove that myth.

Usually, the hair is straight and long enough to pass her fake ass.

Yes, plastic surgery is big here. It comes from the times of the Cali Cartel when the drug kingpins needed trophy women on their arms so they paid for their women to go under the knife.

Not that Cali girls need much plastic surgery – they’re naturally curvier and shorter than girls from either Medellin or Bogota.

These curves are accentuated by the fact that Cali girls don’t wear much, because of the heat, and when they do it’s usually tight as fuck. And they’re great dancers so they know how to shake those wide hips.

Skin tone? There are more black girls than in Medellin or Bogota. But not as many as you would find in Cartagena. Mostly lighter morenas.

Where To Stay In Cali

One great thing about Cali, Colombia outside of the Calenas is how easy it is to find a good neighborhood. There aren’t too many solid spots to stay here.

Here are my favorites:

  • Granada: You’ll find plenty of upscale stores and restaurants here. And the area is fairly safe.
  • San Antonio: Stay here if you enjoy being around backpackers, or browsing at outdoor markets. If you want to see the Colonial architecture of Cali, this is the neighborhood.
  • Penon: Probably the best area, but a little more expensive and smaller.
  • Parque del Perro: Younger crowd, lots of bars, crazy cheap. Only stay here if budget is an issue.

Ciudad Jardin and Santa Monica are also very safe and somewhat upscale, but more spread out than other spots.

Sex In Cali: Is It Difficult?

Here’s the easy part of getting sex in Cali, Colombia:

The nature and personalities of the Calenas. They’re warm, affectionate, passionate, outgoing, open and fun loving. As are the people in general – real salt of the earth types.

It could the warm weather and the sensual dancing. Who knows?

Once you get a Calena on a date, it’s easy to get the bang.

But breaking into social circles if you’re new to the city and don’t speak Spanish is where the challenge lies.

If you’ve visited other cities in Colombia and you’ve dated girls from both Medellin and Bogota, I’ll put it this way – getting laid in Cali is harder than in Bogota but easier than in Medellin.

Personally, I’ve found the girls in Cali to be the most honest in Colombia and the easiest to keep around if they like you.

Cali is a great place for mini-relationships and harems. It’s not a great place for one-night stands and nightlife.

How To Get Laid In Cali, Colombia

Alright, this is what you came for. The rice and beans of this post. Exactly how to get laid in Cali, Colombia. How to meet Cali girls.

Here it is, the insider info:

Online Dating

Online dating is the best way to get laid in Cali, Colombia. While you can meet women in other ways, the culture of Cali means that online dating is king here.

You can meet more women online in Cali than any other option. I promise you this. Here are a few sites to use:

  • Tinder: Many Calenas use Tinder but you’ll find a lot of the girls have banged your gringo friends and are on rotation. Tinder is just ok in Cali. While it’s amazing in Bogota, I find Cali girls less interested in meeting foreigners on Tinder. It’s seen as just a hookup app here.
  • Colombian Cupid: A better option is Colombia Cupid. This is the best online dating site in Cali. You’ll find way more active women on Colombian Cupid in Cali than on Tinder. The girls on these sites haven’t ridden the gringo cock carousel as much as the Tinder girls and they’re more than keen to meet foreigners. I wouldn’t go to Cali, Colombia without using this site. Period.

Other sites that work include Latin American Cupid and Badoo. Although neither are as good as the two mentioned above.

Day Game

Great option in Cali because the girls are friendly. They’ll stop and chat with you. You’ll need decent Spanish, though. Most girls you meet during the day here will not speak a lick of English.

Here are a few good day game spots in Cali:

  • Chipichape Mall: A friend of mine met his long-term girlfriend here. She was working at one of the promotion stands and he was a new gringo in town. Love was born. It happens a lot.
  • Centro: It’s a crowded dump but lots of foot traffic makes it an ideal place to get your approaches in. Just get out as soon as the sun goes down.
  • Unicentro: Best day game spot in Cali. No other foreigners. Lots of women. Many of them are bored. Just don’t ruin it for me!

Night Game

I’m not going to bullshit you, it’s tough in Cali.

Why? One reason is that the city is spread out – and even great game can’t overcome bad logistics.

Night game in Cali, and in general in Colombia, is tough because the locals go out in large mixed groups of coworkers, old friends, and extended family members.

Plus, if you don’t know how to dance salsa or like Salsa music, you’ll be stuck on the sidelines in most clubs cursing your ears.

It’s also dangerous to party and get drunk at places such as La Sexta. So don’t suit up and make yourself a target while you’re out at night.

There’s a few bars and clubs around Barrio Granada that make for a fun night out, but overall – this is not the best city for guys who love to party hard.

Stunning Calena.

Speaking Spanish In Cali

Cali has the lowest levels of English out of any big city in Colombia – except maybe Barranquilla.

So don’t expect meeting anyone who can speak English outside of tourist spots and the universities. None.

But, the local girls are naturally helpful and accommodating so they’ll patiently listen to your broken Spanish.

What’s the best way to learn Spanish and then get a hot Calena to give you private Spanish lessons?

Well, I’d recommend starting here.

You need the basics before you go any further and that course offers just that.

Once you’ve got a decent grasp, you may want to learn a little about flirting in Spanish…

The best program I’ve found to achieve this is Language Blend.


How To Get Laid In Cali, Colombia: Your Detailed City Guide

Cali is the cheapest big city in Colombia and has the friendliest girls.

Both of those appeal to me greatly.

The city is kinda dull and industrial so get out during the day and explore the great nature in the Valle De Cauca area.

Then get down and dirty while learning how to get laid in Cali, Colombia.

While the city comes doesn’t exactly come alive at night, the women in Cali, Colombia come alive between the sheets.

Cali girls, aka Calenas, are lo mejor. Aka the best.

You’ve been warned…

P.S: If you’re ready to start meeting sexy girls in Cali, Colombia – click here!

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