The Ultimate Men’s Guide To Nightlife In Cali, Colombia – Salsa Dancing Edition

I never expected to enjoy the nightlife in Cali, Colombia like I did. Especially with all the salsa dancing at every single spot.

But then, a few things changed my mind…

When I met Maria for beers on our first date, I had no idea it would end the way it did.

I met her at a bar in Cali a few days before. I got her number quickly but I couldn’t take it any further because she was with a big group of friends – as was I.

Over the three days, I used lots of push-pull style text game to get her invested. Then she suggested we meet up – Cali girls are direct when they want something. This girl wanted something but I didn’t realize what it was at the time.

I was running a few minutes late for our date but assumed it was no big deal. Latin girls are always late, right?

We’d arranged to meet at a locals bar that served craft beer. I’m not a beer drinker but I figured I could get a vodka/soda or a pizza to pass the time.

She sent me a message saying she was almost there – damn! I got my sprint on and arrived, panting and sweating, at the door of the bar. The bouncer looked at me warily as I breathlessly told him that I was waiting for someone.

He let me pass and I picked a table where I could lean back in my chair and look at the front entrance.

Two minutes later and Maria arrived. She wandered into the bar looking lost. Then I stood up and moved towards her with a smile. “Heyyyyy” I gave her a quick embrace and she gave me a kiss on both cheeks, Cali style.

In the beer bar, she talked at 100 words a minute and accused me of being nervous.

I wasn’t nervous, I was eyeing up my prey.

After two drinks, I asked her if she wanted to go dance. I had picked my date spots well, the dance place was two blocks down from the beer spot and then my apartment was two blocks down from there.

If all went well, that’s where we would finish. When we got to the dance spot, it was dead. We were too early.

What do you expect from a Cali bar at 8 pm on a Tuesday night?

But she wasn’t deterred. She told me to sit down as she went to buy the drinks.

She brought two beers to the table. I pretend to sip my beer and we sat in the empty club, the music blaring, just the two of us.

I needed to make something happen.

So, I held out my hand, palm up. She held it and we took three paces to the middle of the empty dance floor.

The first couple songs playing were salsa. She showed me some moves and I started to loosen up.

Just as I was starting to get the hang of it, the DJ put on a different genre. Vallenato music for the next few songs. Maria showed me the basic steps for Vallenato.

I was getting my rhythm by the second song when the DJ mixed it up again and put on some bachata. By this time I was flagging – my head was spinning from too many moves and my feet were crisscrossing themselves.

I told Maria that I needed to sit down.

After a few more minutes of pretending to sip my beer and no talking in the loud, empty club, I stood up.

“Vamos.” / Let’s go.

She asked me if I wanted to finish my beer. Nope.

We walked half a block before she asked me where we were going. By that time, we were outside my place. I asked her if she wanted to come in. “Just for a few minutes,” she said. Then she excused herself to make a phone call.

I wasn’t supposed to overhear but I did – she was telling her stepmother that it was okay to lock the door because she was staying at a friend’s house tonight.

I tried to conceal my excitement but I really wanted to high five someone.

When we got up to my room, her mood changed. She was no longer friendly and relaxed this time, she was sexual. She sat on the bed with her hands extending behind her and looked up at me.

Then she convinced me to strip. I did my best Magic Mike impression and took my shirt off.

She asked me why I didn’t take off my jeans. I left them on because I was freeballing underneath and didn’t feel ready to whip it out just yet.

I sat on the bed and told her it was her turn to strip.

Her strip was mediocre – mine was superior. I expected more from a Cali girl.

Her jeans were the problem – she needed help getting them off because they were so tight. I turned her around and helped her pull them down over her round, brown ass.

She wasn’t going commando, she was wearing black lace panties.

She took them off for me.

We hooked up twice. Then she stayed the night.

Then we did it again in the morning.

Nightlife in Cali, Colombia was starting to pay dividends.

Hot Cali girl.

An Introduction To Nightlife in Cali, Colombia

Cali is a city built for nightlife. During the day, the city’s kinda boring – it’s hot, the architecture is ugly, and there isn’t much to do. But as soon as the sun goes down and the salsa music comes on, the city comes alive.

Cali might be famous for its nightlife but it’s not without its idiosyncrasies.

Because Cali, Colombia nightlife is focused on salsa dancing and with familiar faces. If you’re single and ready to mingle, you can make friends and meet a few women along the way.

If you hate salsa and just want to pick up rather than making friends at night, you’ll have it tough.

But you’re not a lost cause. You can still work online game and day game in Cali to great success.

First let’s talk a little bit about the salsa dancing in Cali, Colombia:

Yes, it’s a religion.

If you like salsa, you’ll love Cali. If you don’t like salsa, learn to love it because it’s part of the scene.

The style of salsa in Cali is very different to what you’ll find both LA salsa and Cuban salsa – Cali style has more footwork, is faster, and has fewer spins.

But don’t think all the locals can dance salsa like pros. Yes, everyone born in Cali can salsa. But there are only a few professionals and teachers in the city.

So don’t be scared to jump on the dancefloor let go.

English Levels in Cali, Colombia

Cali has the lowest levels of English of any big city in Colombia – outside of Barranquilla. And there are good reasons for this. Cali doesn’t attract the tourists like Cartagena does. Cali doesn’t attract expats and digital nomads like Medellin does. And it doesn’t attract the business people like Bogota does.

So, Spanish is vital. More than any in other big cities in Colombia. If you know Spanish and can dance salsa, Cali will gift you a bucketload of hot women.

If you don’t know either, you’re toast.

But if you can only learn one, learn Spanish.

For guys who can’t speak a lick, you can start here.

But, you may just want to learn how to flirt in Spanish…

The best resource for learning Spanish to be able to speak to Latinas is Pickup Spanish. The course lasers in on the exact vocabulary you need to be able to attract and date sexy Spanish-speaking women. It helps you prepare for those conversations you’re hoping to have with Cali honeys.

The Best Nights To Party In Cali, Colombia

Cali’s nightlife is dead in the week, apart from a few specialist salsa nights.

For example, La Topa Tolondra offers beginner salsa classes on Wednesday night. And beginners are welcome at Tin Tin Deo on Thursday nights.

The rest of Cali’s nightlife comes alive from Thursday night to Saturday night. Of course, like the rest of Colombia, if Monday is a holiday, Sunday night will be bumping.

Don’t plan to party too hard until the weekend. That’s just not how things work with nightlife in Cali, Colombia.

Before the salsa dancing starts…

The Best Clubs In Cali, Colombia To Meet Women

Well, that depends on who you are and whether you like salsa music or not.

For the salsa enthusiasts, check out:

  • Avenida Sexta: Known locally as “la sexta” (sixth avenue) – Nothing to do with sex. But If you meet a girl here, who knows? This strip of clubs is the place to party on weekends. It’s cheesy and unsafe – go in a group and don’t get wasted.
  • Tin Tin Deo: Ground zero in Cali for gringos who want to get their salsa on. You don’t need to be good and you don’t need to bring a partner.
  • La Topa Tolondra: Located in San Antonio, near the hostels, practicing your moves at La Topa is a great supplement to private lessons.
  • Living Club: Massive club in Menga. Just make sure you bring a dance partner. Single guys won’t be let inside on weekends.

Best Alternatives To Salsa Clubs In Cali

Meeting women at salsa clubs is hit or miss. If she knows you suck, but loves you – well, you’ll be alright. But having two left feet can be a deterrent here.

As such, here are a few other clubs in Cali, Colombia to check out when salsa isn’t on the radar:

  • Bourbon Street: The anti-salsa & reggaeton club of Cali. They mainly play Rock or Hip-Hop. Great place to find gringo groupies.
  • Cafe Mi Tierra: Everybody gets hot and sweaty here dancing to contemporary pop music. Opens at 8 pm and closes when the sun comes up.

Safety In Cali

Cali is the most dangerous out of all the big cities in Colombia. The homicide rate is as high as in Detroit but most murders are drug-related. Most tourists – who are the victims of crimes – are relieved of their electronics and cash but walk away alive.

That means you need to be cautious and avoid taking high-priced jewelry and electronics with you to Cali.

So watch your drink, avoiding flashing expensive jewelry or electronics…and you’ll avoid most problems.

Extra Tip: If you’re in a club and you see 7 girls, with plastic tits and asses, dressed to the nines, in the VIP with one guy looking bored, he’s a narco.

Stay the fuck away from his table and his women.

Not an uncommon look for Cali girls.

Online Dating In Cali, Colombia

Tinder is popular amongst Calenas but there is lots of gringo competition there. Nowhere near the number of gringos as in Medellin – the crime and reputation of Cali have an upside.

Use Tinder by all means, but if you’re serious about meeting girls …

Girls who are serious about meeting up with you and dating, then get on Colombian Cupid and Latin American Cupid. Both of them.

Get on these sites and widen your search beyond the metropolitan area of Cali as many girls will bus in to see you.

This is the absolute best way to meet women in Cali, Colombia – as much as I don’t like to say it. Use Colombian Cupid and you will have more dates than you know what to do with.

A Men’s Guide to Nightlife in Cali, Colombia

If your salsa is weak and your Spanish is below elementary level, focus on online game in Cali.

Nightlife in Cali, Colombia presents its own unique challenges: the groups, the ubiquity of salsa dancing. But if you can crack it, you’ll have no competition.

As they say: “It’s lonely at the top.”

I’m off to rumba. Dance a little salsa. Seduce a Cali girl.

Till next time,

Papi Chulo

P.S: Until you’re at the “top” of the dating scene in Colombia, use this site to meet some great girls. Just click here to get started!

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