How To Get Laid In Cartagena, Colombia – City Guide

If you’re wondering how to get laid in Cartagena, Colombia without paying for it – you’ve come to the proper place.

Cartagena combines the best and worse of Colombia into one action-packed beachside city.

You’ve got the exotic Colombian women, the Caribbean beaches, and the Spanish colonial history around every turn.

There’s a lot to love in this coastal city, but also a few downsides. Hookers run amuck here. The hustlers never leave you alone. It’s not that cheap and some locals simply don’t like tourists – foreign or Colombian.

Still, there’s so much to love about Cartagena. And one thing stands out in this beachside city…

It’s one of the few cities in the world that combines both sun and history in equal measures.

No other city in the world offers as much history right next to stunning beaches. When you add in the Cartagena girls. Those exotic women. Well, some people never leave.

But hey, you care more about Cartagena women than Colonial conquests, right? I figured because I’m the exact same way.

Cartagena Girls Ratings

Looks of Cartagena girls: 3.5/5
How easy are Cartagena girls: 3.5/5
City Overall: 3.75/5

Breaking Down Cartagena

  • Population: 970,000 – this number swells around holiday times when both Colombian and overseas tourists swoop on the city. Cartagena is the second largest city on the Caribbean coast, after Barranquilla – and the fifth largest city in Colombia.
  • Costs: Cartagena is the most expensive city in Colombia. The only part of the country that matches it for pocket burning power are the nicer areas of Bogota. To give you an idea, expect to pay $750 for a one bedroom apartment in one of the nicer areas of the city. And hear me out: you need your own place if you want sex in Cartagena. Sharing hostel rooms with dirty backpackers is No Bueno. Why the high cost of living? Because Cartagena is a holiday destination – most tourists have no regard for budget when they’re on vacation. Many gringos land in Cartagena with full balls and wallets. The women in Cartagena make sure they go back home empty – in more ways than one.
  • Safety: As a foreigner in Cartagena, you’re a target. But not in the way you think. Not the target of violent crime. You can’t walk around the old town without being sold to by various people: buskers playing music, somebody offering to be your tour guide because they speak some English, and guys trying to drag you into their souvenir stores.

Cartagena romance.

It gets super annoying to be pestered everytime you walk around during the day or lie down to get a tan. But take solace in the fact that these people want you to be safe – safe and opening your wallet to buy stuff from them. You can’t buy souvenirs when you’re in the hospital. You will only come to physical harm if you get into an argument with a daytime hustler or a prostitute. Don’t let it get that far – avoid getting into any kind of business relationship with these people.

  • Climate: Hot & Windy. Think South Florida. The temperature never drops below the 80’s all year round and the humidity makes everything worse. But there is one silver lining to this humid cloud: girls in Cartagena wear little – lots of skin on show. Make sure you follow their sartorial lead – don’t sweat your ass off in a bespoke suit. Tank Tops and flip-flops are your uniforms in Cartagena.
  • Tourism: This is the best city in Colombia for history buffs – hands down. You can wonder the Colonial City of Cartagena. Or step in the shoes of Spanish Conquistadors around the Castillo San Felipe De Barajas through the tunnels. The only place that compares for Colombian history is Candelaria in downtown Bogota. But what if you were asleep during high-school history and would rather get in touch with nature? Well, the beaches in Cartagena are lackluster – black sand and hustlers hawking ski rides and coconut drinks all day. The best beaches are a 30 minutes boat ride away in Playa Blanca.

What Do Cartagena Girls Look Like?

Cartagena has the most black girls in all of Colombia. Even more than Cali, Colombia. The city was a slave port back in the day. It’s rare to find a true white girl in Cartagena unless she’s on holiday with her family.

Of course, you’ll find plenty of white girls among the tourists. But they’ll be fat, frumpy and sunburned basic chicks wandering around the old city.

Beyond skin tone – Cartagena is a city for guys who love big asses and thick hips. The boobs are not as bulging (or as augmented as) Cali or Medellin but if you like “junk in the trunk” it’s one of the best cities in Colombia.

But honestly, the average in Cartagena is not as high as in other cities in Colombia. You’ll see fewer “7-8s” in Cartagena. There are lots of hot women, just not in the number you’ll see in them in Medellin or Cali.

However, I saw more true stunners in Cartagena – aka “9s” – than anywhere in the world. Something about that Caribbean air turns a few women into true beauties.

Women who look like this:

Hot Cartagena girl.

Where To Stay in Cartagena

Cartagena isn’t a big city, especially if you’re a tourist looking to enjoy the best the Caribbean locale has to offer.

As such, there are only a few places to stay. Overall, Bocagrande is best for stays of a few days to a few months.

  • Bocagrande: Safe and close to El Centro, the old town. The skyscrapers along the beachfront will remind you of South Beach, Miami. The beach isn’t nearly as nice, though.
  • El Centro: This area has the most to do and amazing history, but expect to pay gringo prices for everything.
  • Getsemani: This is where some of the best nightlife action is. It’s a little cheaper.

While renting apartments tends to be popular these days, we’ve found a decent hotel in Bocagrande is far better than apartments in Cartagena. You get more services and less hassle – which is huge in this part of the world.


Sex In Cartagena: Is It Difficult?


If you can’t meet a girl who will sleep with you for free, you can surely meet one who will for a few dollars.

The presence of hookers all over Cartagena means that local girls feel the pressure to put out quickly, too. There are little games on the coast of Colombia.

If a girl likes you, she’ll be looking to ensure you don’t have much energy for anything else.

Sex in Cartagena isn’t tough.

But finding a girl who doesn’t want money can be. For local girls, it’s best to get away from the tourist spots or use the best online dating site in Cartagena.

For tourist chicks, meeting them at the beaches, around the old city, or partying at night isn’t too tough.

How To Get Laid In Cartagena

Now, it’s time to talk about specifics. Exactly how to get laid in Cartagena, Colombia with hot girls who don’t want your money.

Here’s how to do just that:

Online Dating

Tinder is popular in Cartagena, but infested with prostitutes. It’s hard to find good looking Cartagena girls on Tinder who aren’t selling something.

There are lots of girls on Tinder but you’ll need the patience of Job to wade through all the prostitutes to find a girl who has a regular job.

That’s why I recommend you sign up for Colombian Cupid.

Prostitutes don’t go on these sites nearly as much because they know they’ll get reported and they’ll get booted off the site.

Plus, there are fewer foreigners on these sites. Why? Because many foreigners don’t even know about a site like Cupid. So you have way more normal Colombian girls and less horny foreigners. A win for you.

Invest in a Colombian Cupid account over Tinder – your sanity demands it. And it’s absolutely the best way to meet women in Cartagena.


Day Game

Good option. You’ll find plenty of girls walking around El Centro during the day. Cartagena girls tend to be friendly and approachable.

The malls tend to have many approach opportunities, especially if you get away from the tourist areas.

And of course, the beaches are an ideal spot to hit on any girl(s) who isn’t with a guy. It’s likely they’ll be on vacation and looking to have fun.

Tip: once you get the girl out on a date, keep it simple. These are coastal girls who like to lounge around the beach all day, drink, and have a good time. Don’t expect much of a response if you talk politics of philosophy.

Night Game

In equal, measures the best and most frustrating way of meeting women and pursuing sex in Cartagena. The choice of nightspots in Getsemani and the Caribbean attitude to partying means you’ll have a great time drinking and dancing the night away in Cartagena.

But be careful of the “hidden pros.” I call them hidden because these girls look like regular girls in the club.

This is how it goes:

You think you’re doing well, she likes you, you might even get her to come back to your place.

You get in her in bed, you’re kissing, you’re escalating, it’s all going well. Then, when you’re both naked and she’s got your dick in her hand, she says those two words:

“Pay me.”

These girls don’t tell you of the nature of their work when you first meet. Or even when you suggest going back to your apartment. They summarise, quite intelligently, that you’re more likely to pay when you’re horny and staring at a wide open pussy.

What’s the best way to avoid this?

Here’s my method:

When I start talking to a girl in a nightclub in Cartagena, one of my first questions is “En que trabajas?” or this one, “A que te dedicas?”

Both of these questions translate to “What do you do for work?”

If she says she has a normal job, you’re on the way – but you’re not in the clear yet.

If your Spanish is up to it when she asks you how you like Cartagena, mention that you’re getting annoyed by all the working girls in the city. Clarify that you have nothing against them, everybody needs to make a living, but you’re not interested in paying for sex.

If she is thinking of charging you at some point, this will put her off the scent.

For a list of places to party in Cartagena, click here.

Speaking Spanish In Cartagena

This is another downside to Cartagena. The Spanish accent from this part of the country is largely incomprehensible to non-native speakers.

If you have knowledge of Spanish accents, you’ll know that Carribean Spanish is fast, misses sounds and uses lots of slang. Whereas inland Spanish, in cities like Bogota and Medellin, is clear and easy to understand.

If you’re learning Spanish, don’t to copy the Cartagena accent here – you’ll sound retarded.

If you already know Spanish and don’t care about learning anymore, it’s no big deal.

For beginners, check out this Spanish language learning resource.

It’s the easiest way to go from “hola” to full blown conversations in record time.

If you’re looking to flirt with Cartagena girls in some suave Spanish, then you won’t find a better course online than…

Pickup Spanish.

Thick Costena.

How To Get Laid In Cartagena: Your Detailed City Guide

If you’re looking at the city on the pages of a travel guide or from your cruise ship docked on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena de Los Indios looks like the ideal city. A cheaper version of Miami. Beaches, great weather, bumping nightlife, tourist activities galore. It has it all.

But the city is not without its downsides. Having a dollar sign hovering over your head everywhere you go gets old.

Maybe the Colombians have the right idea – Cartagena is a city to visit for a vacation, but get out before you lost your patience with the locals.

Still, you need to know how to get laid in Cartagena, Colombia – no matter how long you’re around. So…

– Click here for the easiest way to meet women in Cartagena!


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