How To Get Laid In Santa Marta, Colombia – City Guide

If you’re curious how to get laid in Santa Marta, Colombia – then you’re not alone. While popular, Santa Marta is the sleeper city on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

Most tourist to this area will head to Cartagena. A couple guys go to Barranquilla for dating. Backpackers often spend a day or two in Santa Marta to see the beaches.

Overall, Santa Marta beats those two cities when it comes to tourism, extra-curricular activities, and cost of living. And it’s quieter.

While you’re in Santa Marta trekking through the jungles or skimming across the blue waters on your jet ski…

Why not meet some of the local women? The beauty of the Santa Marta-area nature will take your breath away. But this nature is better enjoyed with a little nurture from a local chica.

But that’s enough Lonely Planet crap…you want to know how to get laid in Santa Marta, right?

Santa Marta Girls Ratings

– Looks of Santa Marta Girls: 2.5/5
– Easiness Of Santa Marta Girls: 3/5
– Overall: 3/5

Breaking Down Santa Marta

  • Population: 450,000 makes this coastal city small but it’s no sleepy pueblo. Between the tourist girls in town for a wild weekend, or a local girl looking for a summer romance, you’ll have plenty of options for sex in Santa Marta. It’s a bit of a misnomer to call Santa Marta one, single city – as it’s actually 3 separate towns. Rodadero, downtown Santa Marta, and Taganga. One day the authorities decided to draw a circle around all three towns on the map and call it Santa Marta. That’s why when people tell me: “I hate Santa Marta.” I say: “Which part?”
  • Costs: Santa Marta prices are lower than in Cartagena but expect to get scammed as a tourist. You can find an apartment through local listings to rent for $400-600 per month. If you book through Airbnb, expect to pay more because Santa Marta is a popular tourist spot and even Colombians are willing to pay above market rates.
  • Safety: One of the safest cities in all of Colombia. Most of the locals rely on tourism for their livelihood so wouldn’t want anyone scared away. Plus, it’s too hot and the beach is too relaxing – why go to all effort of robbing or killing someone?
  • Climate: Hot as balls. The temperature never drops below 80. But unlike the ovens of downtown Barranquilla or Cali, you have the sea breeze to cool you down. Santa Marta’s rainy seasons falls around October time.
  • Tourism: Here is where Santa Marta excels. You have 2 main beaches: Rodadero Beach and Taganga Beach – known locally as “Playa Grande”. Tanganga beach has clear blue waters and is fairly quiet during the week. But there are too many backpackers and hippies in the area for my liking. Rodadero Beach is busier. And there are plenty of chicas around and lots of water sports to choose from.
  • Tayrona National Park: Maybe one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited: rainforests, waterfalls, jungles, beaches, snow-capped mountain peaks, parrots, and jaguars – it’s all there. Many tourists camp in the park and sleep in open-air hammocks on their way to the Lost City. Budget at least 3-7 to begin enjoying Parque Tayrona.

What Do Santa Marta Girls Look Like?

You won’t see the number of black women that you’ll see in Cartagena. But neither will you see any white girls like those in Bucaramanga or Pereira.

Santa Marta girls are right in the middle of the color spectrum: brown. Well, the local girls are anyway. You’ll see some drunk white tourist girls, especially if you stay in Taganga.

Many of the people from Santa Marta can trace their bloodlines back to the Tayrona Indians. These indigenous tribes lived in the area for centuries until the Spanish arrived.

If you’re looking for your Pocahontas, searching amongst the women in Santa Marta might be a good place to start.

You won’t find as many stunners in Santa Marta as you will in other areas of Colombia. Sadly. Plastic surgery isn’t all that common here, either. So, the bodies often leave something to be desired.

It’s not that it’s bad here. Santa Marta girls certainly have something to offer. The issue is there are so many better places in Colombia. I’m talking places like Cali, Colombia and the capital – Bogota.

Still, there are plenty of good looking girls to go around here. You just have to know where the hottest Santa Marta girls prefer to hang out.

Girls that look like this…

Where To Stay In Santa Marta

As I said earlier, Santa Marta has 3 main areas:

  • Tagana
  • Centro
  • Rodadero

And all three are good options depending on your goal and what type of Santa Marta girls you’re looking for.

For a short trip, stay in Rodadero. You’ve got beaches, lots of hotels and restaurants up the side of the mountain looking down at the bay.

If you want to save a little money and party a lot, stay in Centro. This is where some of the best nightlife in Santa Marta is. Plus, it’s pretty inexpensive here overall.

Taganga is great if you want to hang out with backpacker girls and Colombia chicks on vacation. Aka girls who love foreigners. However, the beach isn’t great and the area leaves a lot to be desired from an amenity standpoint.


Sex In Santa Marta: Is It Difficult?

Sex in Santa Marta isn’t as easy as it would be in Bogota for example – just because of numbers and population density.

But if you can differentiate yourself from all the usual backpacker tourists, you’ll have Santa Marta girls rubbing your sunburned shoulders in no time.

The hard part is finding a normal chica here. The girls in Santa Marta tend to be hookers, gringo hunters, or they avoid travelers like the plague.

You might meet an accountant girl in Cali, who has never met a foreigner before or an orthodontist in Bogota, who is sick of Colombian guys and their lying.

You won’t meet these types of professional girls, who offer more than some fun in the sun and bedroom in Santa Marta.

Santa Marta girls are great but know what you’re getting yourself into here. Sex in Santa Marta is one hell of a time, but the connection isn’t the same – for me personally.

How To Get Laid In Santa Marta, Colombia

Now, we’re getting to the good stuff. How to get laid in Santa Marta, Colombia. Why you’re here. Let’s take a look…

Online Dating

You’ll need this in Santa Marta, Colombia. Online dating on the coast is always great.

I pipelined some women in Santa Marta before I arrived – mainly using Tinder – but the choice was limited.

If I could do it over again, I’d sign up for an account on Colombian Cupid a few weeks before landing in Santa Marta.

There are over 200+ women active around Santa Marta every single week, and the talent is better looking than you’ll find walking around the city. Highly recommended.

This is the best way to get laid here.

Day Game

I ran most of my day game on the beaches of Rodadero. I guess some of it was technically night game because there are still plenty of people partying at the beach after the sun has gone down.

Anywhere around the beaches is ideal for meeting women. Both Santa Marta girls and tourists.

The only other decent spot I found was Buenavista Mall. This is the biggest mall in Santa Marta and will provide you with plenty of day game opportunities.

Just make sure you speak some Spanish when day gaming in this city.

Girls at the beach.

Night Game

Focus your efforts on the area around Parque De Los Novios. This is where most of the clubs are. Any fast sex in Santa Marta, same night lay, tend to originate at clubs Santa Marta Centro.

There are some clubs in Taganga that can be fun during high-season, but overall, you’re better off in the Centro.

The best spot?

La Brisa Loca

Sure, it’s a hostel and there’s often hookers here. But the place gets packed, plays great music, and offers more women than anywhere else in the city.

Speaking Spanish In Santa Marta

You’ll hear a lot of English in Santa Marta, maybe more than you’d like to, because there are so many backpackers in the area and many Colombians work in tourism and have learned English.

But without Spanish, you’ll be restricted to the girls who know English – a small net to cast. Beware of these gringo hunter girls – many of them have had (or still have) foreign boyfriends. These girls are looking for a path to a richer country. Or, they want you to send them money while you’re away.

If you know Spanish, you can leave the user girls with the other tourist guys while you meet a good-hearted local girl.

So what’s the best way to learn Spanish? There are dozens, if not hundreds, of courses out there. But most of them are generic and slow.

There’s only one course that cuts through all the millions of Spanish words you could learn and teaches you the lingo you need to charm Latinas…

Pickup Spanish

This course covers everything from:

  • What to say when you stop girls in Santa Marta on the street.
  • How to get through a date if your Spanish is still elementary.
  • Ways to disarm her friends in the club so you can be alone with her.
  • And much more.

If sex in Santa Marta is your goal, Pickup Spanish is the language course for you.

Girls in Santa Marta will open up to you if you know a little bit of Spanish. So get studying your español before you leave.

Santa Marta sunsets.

How To Get Laid In Santa Marta, Colombia – Your Detailed City Guide

I fell in love with this collection of towns at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains. There’s so much to see and do that it would be a shame to stay indoors and swipe Tinder all day.

Bring your girl with you and explore the surroundings together.

Or, better yet, meet a local girl and have her show you the best Santa Marta has to offer while getting into misadventures together.

How to get laid in Santa Marta, Colombia? Well, just follow the advice above, fellas.

P.S: If meeting Santa Marta girls sounds good to you, just click here to get started!


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